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Adventures of the Pretty Reckless

26 Sep

Not having had a blog for quite some time, I have struggled to start again. I always say that those who create blogs are fairly egotistical in their thinking that the world wants to listen to them ramble about their lives or that their thoughts are so important the whole world needs to know them. This is not untrue of myself. I will admit, I am very self-important and if you happen to read my posts, you are feeding into the dilussion.

With that said, I have also been saying for quite some time that I need to start writing down this crazy adventure I call my life and write a book. If you don’t know me, my life often plays out like an episode of the Real World, or Jersey Shore, or some other obnoxiously addictive reality show in which all the characters are ridiculous and you generally hate the protagonist, but you can’t help but wonder what happens next. Being too lazy to sit down and write a book, this seems like a less time-consuming and more amusing outlet.

One might think this would be the point one would start rambling, but I think I will hold back on that part and simply say welcome to my world.