Themes: how multifaceted

23 Apr

I am procrastinating at work as I so often do, and for some reason I decided I needed to change the theme for my blog. No, not for the substance of the posts, we all know that is simply whatever sordid ramblings rush from my brain to my finger tips at the moment. Just the appearance, the background, the minute details that are the first thing the eye sees when they stumble across said ramblings.

Guess how long it took me? I don’t even want to admit to it, so lets just say it was a while.

At some point in the middle of scrolling and clicking, judging and categorizing, I thought to myself, “what a monumental waste of time, just pick one already!” However, I didn’t stop there. No, no. I had commited myself to this pointless project, and I had to complete it. Now, if this was something I was doing for my job, any excuse would have convinced me to stop and move on, but because it wasn’t, it absolutely HAD to be accomplished.

Thinking about this now (wasting more time), a couple things run across my mind:

1. It is amzing what I can find motivation for when it is entirely irresponsible.

2. Appearances really do matter at first glance.

3. I talk to myself too much.

We won’t touch the third one today since, well, probably a professional should analyze that one at some point, but I do want to ponder the other two.

You know when you notice something and its gets in your head and all of a sudden it is of utmost importance, even though you didn’t care two minutes prior. I think that is what just happened. I decided to hop onto my page, just for a moment, and I realized I hated the way it looked. It didn’t represent me. I couldn’t imagine why I had chosen to set it up that way in the first place. Plus, I should be doing notes and those are entirely less interesting.

I am a firm believer that you should look the way you feel most confident. Maybe that means a suit and tie, and maybe that means a kimono and cowboy hat. We should be allowd to appear however we wish to in the world, because we should be who we are. This doesn’t mean every person will compliment us on our neon green platform shoes or our choppy, self-inflicted haircut, but if someone is going to judge us on what makes us comfortable in our own skin, then they aren’t people we should surround ourselves with anyway.

With that in mind, people automatically make a judgement upon their first look at something or someone. Their eyes absorb the general appearance, and process it into a category. That is not to say people can’t move past that initial impression, but it takes work to see the heart, brains, and soul underneath the skin.

How does this relate to your blog theme? Let me tell you! A piece of what makes us comfortable and confident is our ability to attract the people we enjoy surrounding ourselves with. We adapt pieces of our outward prjection to embrace those individuals who share similar beliefs, interests, and practices. My page is a representation of me. The words that compose it may be what keeps someone interested, but first glance is what gets someone to start. Just like in life.

Wow, that is not where I intended to go with that. I just impressed myself a little bit! Maybe I wasn’t being that irresponsible afterall.

Ok so maybe I was and I just wasted a good chunk of my afternoon, but at least something good came out of it in the end.

I should probably actually do stuff though.  I was going to throw in a training update, but I guess I’ll do that later…or tomorrow when I’m avoiding something else.

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