Ride the wave

20 May

I am so disappointed in myself!! I went to Las Vegas two weeks ago now and I have meant since the moment I got back to chronicle my adventures. I WILL SUCCEED IN THIS!!! But, not today.

Today, I wanted to write about my favorite topic to gripe about. Can you guess? I bet you can!

Mother fucking romance.

I have found that in my life possibility comes in waves. I either have no prospects whatsoever OR there are a minimum of three I have to choose between that just pop up out of nowhere all at once.

Of course when I have multiple prospects I consistently choose the wrong one thereby destroying any chance I had with the others and bringing on another dry spell.

I maintain that I ENJOY being single and carefree and am not purposefully seeking out a romantic relationship, but what girl in my position doesn’t like to play with fire when the opportunity presents itself?

I am currently in the midst of an onslaught of candidates and find myself in the same predicament I always do trying to balance all of them at once, hoping one doesn’t try to stake a claim before I am ready to make a decision thereby causing me to break his heart and tell him I’m just not ready for a commitment.

I can already see myself leaning towards the most unattainable option, and trying to pull myself back from the ledge.

Maybe I should make a list of pros and cons for each and decide in a logical fashion. BAHAHAHAHA…I think I just made myself pee a little.

I’m too irrational for that. I think my heart…or my vagina…has too much control over the outcome. Which probably means I’m screwed.

Window: currently I am facebook stalking the newest prospect while texting with the first about a drunken conversation we had about feelings last night all amidst planning date number two with number two.

Oh life…

PS  In case you were wondering, the Carpenter is not one two or three

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