23 Jun

I fail at any sort of consistency with any project I begin. Have you guessed this yet?

First, I keep mentioning this trip I went on to Las Vegas at the fucking beginning of May. Well guess what! Those blogs are finally almost done…please contain the excitement.

Also, I had this inkling to start a fun little video series which was potentially going to be named “Half Baked” and post it in my blogs once a week. After the first one took me two weeks to edit, I decided that idea is down the toilet, but there is one mostly finished video that I’ll be posting.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because ALL OF THAT SHIT is going to be posted THIS WEEK!!!

One a day…that’s an almost promise.

Starting tomorrow, Sunday, everyday this week…in theory.

Its what I’ve been doing today instead of work I need to catch up on.


That’s all for that randomness…see you tomorrow 🙂

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