That’s What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas pt5

29 Jun

Thursday May 3, 2012

Up until this point I had been SUPER proud of the fact that I had not woken up hung over. I won’t say I was hung over, since I like to brag that I wasn’t hung over in Vegas, but I was a little hung over. I think it was more lack of sleep and dehydration, but it was a rough start.

We slept in, I spent a good amount of time unpacking, organizing and repacking (because I’m irrationally meticulous) and checking the room for remaining items that could come home with me.

We went to Mr. Lucky’s again to have chinese food for brunch and then wandered around the hotel. TOGA didn’t want to go anywhere, which of course drove me insane since we had left our bags with the concierge and checked out all ready.

Luckily there was a tattoo parlor right in the Hard Rock. Best souvenir EVERRRRRR!!

However, that only killed an hour or so.

I convinced TOGA to go at least see the pools with me. My bathing suit was packed and TOGA wanted to stick to the shade so no hope of lying out, but at least we did some exploring.

I began to go a little insane with his lack of cooperation so when Matt called and wanted to meet up, I was begging for any sense of relief from the monotony. He filled us in on what happened after we split up the previous night over another trip to the diner before (THANK GOD) it was time to drop me off at the airport. My flight left several hours before TOGA’s so we said our good byes, the boys ran off to do some male-bonding, and I rushing my tushy through the airport arriving just in time after a fiasco at the check in counter because my bag was too heavy (oops).

Where was I going? Not home, oh no, too early for that! A hop, skip, yellow-haired stewardess, and a jump later, I was in Arizona where my LP was waiting!!!

I think I’ll save the rest of that day for tomorrow 🙂

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