Ideally he will love football

9 Aug

Tonight is the first game of the Patriots 2012 season. Granted it is still preseason and the games don’t really count, but this is better than drugs. The hype, the sense of community, the adrenaline, all culminating in a few hours of pure ecstasy. I LOVE football season!!

LP and I share this passion and tonight mid-game, we were discussing how much the men in our lives tend just not to get it. Do you find this as surprising as I do, because really, I always assumed it would be the other way around. Alas, when I tell a guy I’m interested in just how into this sport I am, he always brushes it off and then mid-season complains about how anal I become about my weekly ritual.

“Why do you have to watch EVERY week?” “Why are you upset, we’re only 15 minutes late?” “I seriously can’t talk to you until the commercial?” “Really??”

Theory: So many girls have feigned enthusiasm to impress men that the rest of us are now less believable.

On the list of characteristics a future mate must have officially includes one who loves fucking football as much if not more than I do. I’m talking battling teams in a fantasy league, religiously watching every single game beer in hand, and debating who will be Brady’s chosen receiver that week. No wishy washy, take it or leave it attitudes.

That is all.


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