Sometimes you just need to shut up and enjoy it

4 Dec

This can be said about so many things.

I think when I wrote this idea down it was specifically intended to be about Tup. A bitter soliloquy on the ending of what was obviously something never meant to be and just a delusional dream. However, now that I have found it again, I am thinking I need to write it on a poster and post it somewhere I’ll see it everyday.

I don’t know about you, but I spend so much of my life thinking about the future. What is it going to look like? Where am I going to be? Who am I going to be spending my time with? And on and on and on. Its exhausting sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong. A life without some semblance of a plan is a useless waste of existence, but sometimes we have to buckle down and accept that the things we want are going to take time. Staying at a job that is less than ideal to build your resume. Being single for a while in order to learn new things about yourself and reconnect to the person you want to be. Living with your parents to build up that savings account so you might actually get to live somewhere decent (thank God I’m past that one!). All semi-torturous things that we wish we could change, but maybe in the moment are more beneficial to endure than to escape.

We’re all big kids now. We should be past thinking that life is just going to be all sunshine and rainbows. I am wholeheartedly an advocate for making every second exciting and everyday an adventure, but I am also realistic and recognize that that’s impossible. Nor would I really honestly want every moment to be happy and boistrus. How can we truly appreciate the great moments if we don’t know what the other end of the scale is like? If everything is the same, nothing is special.

Today was a day I was questioning everything. Wondering what I am really doing. A conversation with LP and  few glasses of wine later, I am much more content than I was this morning. Nothing has changed. I am not any different. I just know that eventually I’ll get to where I want to be. I am putting in my time and counting my pennies, tedious tasks, but necessary for an even greater next step.

Just wanted to share and hopefully encourage. XOXO

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