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Halloweenie DIY

30 Oct

I would like to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to do a quick Halloween costume look book (is that what you call it or only in the vlogging world? Whatever, I do what I want!)

This year after much deliberation I decided I would be a T-Rex because how adorable is that. Besides I was short on cash and over the slutty-“insert noun here” costume craze.

Step One: Make a head

Mask Mold Papermache ready

I got the idea from Pinterest, my recent obsession and go to DIY inspiration. First I made a mold out of cardboard then paper-mached (yeah that thing we used to do in kindergarten) over the mold to make something resembling a dino-head. Then forgot to take a picture before I painted it.

First paint layer Second pain layer

After construction, I painted it in a lighter green then sponge-brushed over it a darker green. Next came the eye which I used paint pens to create.

Brit and her Dino

To complete the process, I made an attempt at contouring with a brown color. I don’t now if the contouring was successful, but I definitely love the final product.

Step Two: Make Dino Shirt

Shirt Front Shirt Back

Keeping it simple, I purchased a dark green t-shirt and whipped out my scissors. Again, consulting Pinterest, I found a design I liked and looked “dino-y” then cut away (while watching Wayne’s World might I add). I think the back ended up looking a bit like a spine which was not planned but totes awesome.

On the front I just got a little silly and painted on the lettering with acrylic paint and a stencil I made myself.

Step Three: Photo-shoot with your bestie

Roar Owls make yummy snacks Being silly

If you can’t tell, LP decided to go as Britney Spears this year circa “Baby One More Time.”

Step Four: Party Time!

Party time

Two of my lovelies had a party last weekend so I was able to test drive this baby a week before the big day. I would say it was a smashing hit. Except I never did get around to making a tail…and I should probably still add teeth. YAY last minute!!

Captain’s Vlog Day 1: Decent into madness

28 Oct

Following the ordeal I chronicled in my previous post, I was ordered to seven days of home detention. Each day I made a vlog to keep some semblance of connection in my life. Here is the first and the rest will soon follow.

Losing My Humanity

17 Oct

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Finishing Touches

13 Oct

At some point this week I am going to finish editing a few things I have been working towards posting. For today, I wanted to share this lovely short video by the enchanting Carrie Hope Fletcher. ❤

The Masses

7 Oct

I was going to post something else today, something more personally relevant about recent events in my life. However, this thought process seemed more communally relevant.

If any of you are huge internet nerds like myself you may be aware of the sexual abuse cacophony happening on YouTube. That community is up in arms around the actions of a handful of it’s members, and rightly so. There are some wonderful discussions around consent and a person’s right to not be put in a situation where their voice is not taken into account. It is a much needed discussion and I hope that it remains uplifting and useful.

What haunts my brain space today is the power of the communal mentality and how easy it is to be pulled into that righteous anger and act out without taking the time to make sure the people you are acting out against have truly committed the crimes we are hanging them for. Especially around such a not black-and-white issue, despite what many of us want to believe.

I am not saying consent is not every person’s right. What I am saying is that it is not always easily communicated. In a perfect world a discussion would be had by both parties, soberly, before engaging in any physical acts. How many of us have ever been in a situation that has not happened? I would venture all of us (who have engaged in those behaviors). I have probably been on both sides of the consent coin. The drunk girl at the party who sincerely regretted having slept with that person I only sort of wanted to touch me in the ways I let them, and that sexually audacious person who tried talking someone into bed with me (disclaimer: no I am not a predator).

While I could go on forever about that, again not what I want to address here. My focus is more around how we as a community react to injustice, or the perception of injustice. An event happens, it is legitimated, we get angry on the behalf of the victims and rise up to overthrow the perpetrator and stand against their actions. As the situation progresses, it is discovered the injustice was not committed by one individual, but several. Stories come of the woodwork, some true, some not, and the community’s rage grows and they begin lashing out at every name that is brought before them. It is called the mob mentality where we become part of something and continue to perpetuate the actions of the group without really analyzing if what we are supporting is truth or propaganda. It is in our nature, it is who we are as humans for many reasons.

My challenge is that if we are going to condemn someone, we do it with thoughtful intent and substantiation.

I only recently started to really look into where this YouTube uprising was coming from. I am not in a position to support or condemn any individual, but I will say there are some cases that are pretty clear and evidence based, where there are others that are less obvious. Specifically, and again I am not putting my feet on one side of the line or the other, I was watching this morning the most recent videos from Alex Day who I had for a long time been an avid admirer. He made a video in an effort to explain himself and formally say he, despite his many mistakes, did not see himself as the monster the community has made him into. I browsed the comments briefly and saw a lot of people saying he should never make videos again, remove himself from this medium that he had been such a participant in and basically disappear.

They want to take away his voice. To me, this seems, regardless of whether he is guilty or not, a harsh and unjust reaction. In my mind, everyone has a right to speak, to defend themselves, to be heard. Perhaps others may not want to listen, and that is their right as well, but they can shut their ears. It is not an individual’s right to take the voice of someone else simply because they don’t like what that person is saying.

I don’t know where my allegiances will fall when is all is said and done, but regardless of who I support and who I don’t, I will always look to my personal belief in basic human rights. I will look at others with the compassion and patience that I strive to have at the core of my own humanity. I will listen and observe and move forward based on my own understanding, not the passionate outrage of the masses.

I can only hope others can find it in themselves to do the same.

Unwinding Disilussion

3 Oct

The more I let go of my past, the more I realize how tightly I have been holding on to things that I should have left behind long ago. The harsh side effect of this is that I have not been fully embracing the future my current path is leading me towards. There is a vast difference between missing things and trying to build on crumbling foundations.

TOGA has a girlfriend. She is someone I know…and do not respect. More importantly, she is not me. After spending half an hour on the floor crying one of those body-racking cries the night I found out, it was obvious I have yet to let go of the future I had hoped for with him. All of this despite the one year anniversary on the horizon with Michigan.

Whoever says you can’t love two people at once is full of crap. I love Michigan in a very life-consuming way. I want to share my entire being with him in a way I haven’t wanted to share it with anyone in a very long time. There is nothing uncomfortable about our relationship and we accept each other where we are at completely. I love TOGA too. My love for him is lasting and stagnant. I love him with a yearning for something that will never be. Furthermore, I have been unable to accept the impossibility of the situation.

It is time to start seeing it and letting it take hold. I have yet to decide if doing so will mean extricating him from my life entirely or finding a way to heal before allowing the relationship to continue. It is very clear that regardless of the solution, it is unfair to Michigan and unfair to myself to make no change whatsoever.

Letting go is hard, but what comes next can be so much better if the heart is allowed some room to breathe.