Halloweenie DIY

30 Oct

I would like to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to do a quick Halloween costume look book (is that what you call it or only in the vlogging world? Whatever, I do what I want!)

This year after much deliberation I decided I would be a T-Rex because how adorable is that. Besides I was short on cash and over the slutty-“insert noun here” costume craze.

Step One: Make a head

Mask Mold Papermache ready

I got the idea from Pinterest, my recent obsession and go to DIY inspiration. First I made a mold out of cardboard then paper-mached (yeah that thing we used to do in kindergarten) over the mold to make something resembling a dino-head. Then forgot to take a picture before I painted it.

First paint layer Second pain layer

After construction, I painted it in a lighter green then sponge-brushed over it a darker green. Next came the eye which I used paint pens to create.

Brit and her Dino

To complete the process, I made an attempt at contouring with a brown color. I don’t now if the contouring was successful, but I definitely love the final product.

Step Two: Make Dino Shirt

Shirt Front Shirt Back

Keeping it simple, I purchased a dark green t-shirt and whipped out my scissors. Again, consulting Pinterest, I found a design I liked and looked “dino-y” then cut away (while watching Wayne’s World might I add). I think the back ended up looking a bit like a spine which was not planned but totes awesome.

On the front I just got a little silly and painted on the lettering with acrylic paint and a stencil I made myself.

Step Three: Photo-shoot with your bestie

Roar Owls make yummy snacks Being silly

If you can’t tell, LP decided to go as Britney Spears this year circa “Baby One More Time.”

Step Four: Party Time!

Party time

Two of my lovelies had a party last weekend so I was able to test drive this baby a week before the big day. I would say it was a smashing hit. Except I never did get around to making a tail…and I should probably still add teeth. YAY last minute!!

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