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Brunette Bitches

23 Oct

***This was legitimately written a couple years ago, one of my first drunk tirades actually (AAAWWWWW). I never finished it because I passed out and could never find the appropriate level of rage again. I don’t remember the context, but I do remember the girl and I still hate her to this day despite TOGA continuing to insist on maintaining his friendship with her.***

In general I consider myself somewhat of a drunk bitch. Tonight I am caught up in the phenomenon that is me and the people I chose to surround myself with. In general, I feel as though I eventually figure it out, but I always end up attracting the annoying individuals in the process. Maybe its me.

I’m talking about Furburger right now (and she has earned her name through Toga and the like…I don’t think even I could stoop to give her a name so low).

If you can’t tell I’m drunk…and in the northern country. I miss it up here, but instead of getting al sappy and reminiscent, I’m going to get bitchy and judgmental.