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Updates and Unicorns (spoiler, there are no unicorns)

13 Nov

I promised this weeks ago. It’s surprisingly hard to just sit down and talk about life.

Short version, since that’s really all I have time for, but I told myself I HAD to do this today:

Work is…all of the things. I love the kids, I love how easy most days are, I love the ever-changing days, but it’s burning me out. We have discovered I am a workaholic sometimes. I have worked over 80 hours in the last two weeks and although on the whole that is above the norm, it’s not that far above. The thing about this type of position is that not many people last long with the same agency. You always have your handful of vets, then the handful of 1-2 year-ers, the rest of the holes are filled by people who stay 5-8 months and peace out.

I’ve never held a job less than a year, but I just accepted an interview for this week somewhere else and I am ok with this. It was a step back professionally taking the job here and despite the raise I just got and the kids that I love, I need to at least get the momentum back.

In the health department, I finally found a diet I can stick to and have almost lost ten pounds! This excites me and hopefully is a good motivator to find a workout routine I can keep with consistently as well. I want my definition back! Heck maybe I’ll even hop back on the running kick and work back up to that 5K I never did.

The key is to never give up. No matter how far off the trail you wander, you can always find your way back and finish climbing that mountain. Use your resources!!

LP and I continue to have our ups and downs but I think we have finally found neutral ground. I’ve let go of some of the bitterness that was getting in the way and she is making more of an effort to communicate. It helps that we are doing the diet together even though she is so skinny…that bitch.

The biggest thing that has happened in recent months is that for the first time in 5 years and 9 months I find myself in a serious relationship.

WHOA! Let’s take a second and process that for two seconds.

Now its no fairy tale and its long distance (Michigan long distance), but it is a big deal. I drop the “L” word on a daily basis and fall asleep talking to him every night. I’ll write out the whole story at some point, but despite its imperfections and mountains that sometimes seem insurmountable, he is the first guy in a long time that makes me think maybe I won’t end up alone after all. Do people really get this many chances? Or were all the other ones just the lessons I needed to learn to get here? Is this one going to turn into a lesson?

Stopping THAT crazy train right there.

That’s about it and about all the time I have to devote to this at the moment. I would like to end with something witty, or inspirational, but my brain is a little fried so we’ll have to stick to something simple.



2 Jan

Happy New Years!!

As most of the population this time of year often brings about reflections on the previous year…which more often than not in recent years brings about reflections on my entire fucking lifespan. The question “how did I get here?” often resonates with me.

But I’m not here to talk about that tonight. Mostly because I’m doing my best not to think about it.

…awkward silence…QUICK say something funny!!


Now that we’re past that fork in the road, I want to share my resolutions for the year.

Every year up until last year I always made the same ones. Be less fat. Be more healthy. Talk to God more (WHAT! she’s a Christian!?!), figure out what I’m doing with my life….and so on. Typical bull shit, never going to get done because there is never a real plan attached to them, resolutions. Except that one year after college when I lost 50 pounds. Good year.

Last year I decided not to fall into the trap and instead made “goals” for 2012. Which turns out was just a more creative way of saying resolutions that I actually wrote out a plan for. I would tell you what they were, but by October the pretty paper I had them plotted out on was in the trash. I do remember I was going to drink less, work out more, and find a new job. Guess how much of that I accomplished and then managed to maintain as a lifestyle. Ch-yeah.

This year I am picking one very simple, very concise thing. I want to learn something new everyday. No limitations no guidelines and in fact I’m pretty sure I do that anyway.

Why? Because I can.

“But PR if you already do it then its not really a resolution.” Fuck you, doubter. Here’s the life change. I’m going to document it. No, not here necessarily, we all know how blog everyday for a week went…or rather didn’t. One little notebook, maybe some sharing, just to show some sort of progress. Maybe it will bring inspiration to higher goals, maybe it will be a reminder I’m not stuck in an endless abyss, maybe it will do nothing but be an annoying chore, but I won’t know until I try and that’s the damn point of a resolution right?

As a measure of good faith I am going to share my something new for today. It may be January 2nd and I may have already forgotten my new thing from yesterday, but hey, no one is perfect.