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Landmark Reflections

25 Mar

I am a little late in doing this, but the beginning of the month was my one year anniversary in moving to Arizona. I wanted to reflect now that things are mostly stable and I have a handful of experience.

Things I still miss:

  • My family
  • Friends which slowly seem to be losing touch
  • Boston nights (especially Saint Pattie’s Day)
  • The subway
  • Living in Salem, a city full of history
  • Dog walking believe it or not (I keep stalking their Facebook page to check up on some of the pups)
  • Knowing how to get around without thinking
  • The ocean
  • Wider range of job opportunities

Things I would not trade for anything:

  • Finally having an adult apartment
  • Michigan
  • Pool season practically year-round
  • Sunshine sunshine sunshine
  • Minimal precipitation
  • Logical city design so even when I do get lost it is not that hard to figure it out
  • Living with my best friend
  • New friends
  • New adventures and new places to explore

Life changes whether you want it to or not, that is not up to us. I may miss a lot of things and my heart may ache some days, but the likelihood is that that would have happened eventually. We can either be a passive traveler, letting the winds shift us from one place to the next, or we can take an active role and set sail (caution: cheesy metaphor). Either way, we move forward and I would rather have some say in where I end up, I am stubborn like that.

Tucker Max Drunk

29 Oct

There are nights you expects to be full of shenanigans and know the next morning you are going to regret most of your decisions. I call them rock star nights – party hard, crash hard, try to remember where you left your wallet…and panties.

Then there are the nights you intend to be a quiet outing with a few friends, innocently believing you will have a drink or two then return home at a reasonable hour so  you can discreetly fall asleep watching Netflix. Only things do not go as planned and the next morning you are jolting awake, head screaming, trying to fit the pieces together.

I refer to this as Tucker Max drunk. I don’t think TM himself would necessarily categorize such an event as such himself, but as I never achieve this level intentionally, I find it my prerogative to create the category in my personal life.

One morning on a Thursday in July, I awoke after such a night. I was late for work, clothes were strewn all over my apartment, and my body was aching in every way possible. The memories came back in flashes, but to this day I cannot recollect what inspired me to pee in the sink. Yes, dear reader, walking out into the kitchen I discovered the unmistakeable odor of urine in my sink with no clear idea of what lead to that occurrence. I bleached the shit out of everything and resolved to not drink for a week.

How did this come to be? Well, let’s start a the beginning. I have Wednesdays off and from time to time I participate in a little day drinking while I take care of things around the house (bills, laundry, cleaning, yoga, yada yada). This particular Wednesday I had indulged, but not overly…until LP came home from work. She invited me to Toby Keith’s and that was the end of that.

Drinks ensued and at some point I lost track of how many and what I was doing. LP’s friend came with us and between the two of them they got me to ride the mechanical bull at the bar as I threw back more drinks than I should have been able to ingest.

By the time we got home I was ready to crash, but I am stubborn. For some reason that night I decided I needed to pee…but not in the toilet, in the kitchen sink.

I didn’t remember the next day, but instinct knew it was me.

It was the first in a series of incidents. The sink, the dish washer, my closet…for a handful of weeks, this was my pattern and amusement.

One questions one’s motives when one gets drunk enough to justify such behaviors. And then one read the Tucker Max autobiographies. I recommend them to anyone who feels their lives have hit the toilet because this man will make you feel better about ALL of your mistakes.

“No sensible man ever engages, unprepared, in a fencing match of words with a woman” -W. Collins

16 Oct

I rarely have met my match when it comes to being stubborn. Although I would more often call it “passion,” that is not how it is always perceived (or even intended). In those rare moments when it appears I am giving up on an argument, more often than not I’m bored or simply no longer interested in the conversation. There are rare exceptions, however, in which I can’t stop the argument of my own free will. My opponent simply has me enthralled and I must press my point until I am understood to be right. I guess I am pretty stubborn.

I think I get it from my mother. No, I definitely get it from my mother.

Apparently TUP is one of those people. Its something in the wording that just feeds my desired, no my NEED to be accepted as the victor. Usually our back-and-forth is over menial things with no real impression on reality.

I think tonight was the first time that wasn’t the case. It doesn’t even matter what it was about, but we had a legit fight. Over something dumb. This is not odd, people fight, but I loved it. Dare I say it was arousing. I mean seriously, I wanted to have intense hate sex, argue some more and do it again.

This has never happened before.

Suffice it to say it was a burst of intensity I wasn’t prepared for. In the end, I don’t even think there was a victor, just two people with different viewpoints who had no choice but to accept the other wasn’t going to change.

I had a point to this I swear…before I got distracted by the hate sex comment. Now I’m all discombobulated. I’m sure that’s why you’re still reading this in fact, to see if I talk more about the hate sex. I’m not going to. I’m going to stop typing entirely I think. Really, if we thought about it, it reality it wouldn’t be that exciting anyway, considering.