The ins and outs

On the back of a book cover they always have a blurb about the author. It seems to make it all a little more personal.

There is no definition to a person and you can’t get to know someone purely on statistics, but it gives perspective I suppose, begins an essential connection. Let’s connect!

I grew up in south-central Massachusetts with two loving parents who probably should have gotten a divorce long ago, but are the epitome of the phrase “love conquers all,” that and a lot of prayer and patience on the part of my father. My mother did her best to buy my love so I never wanted for much, and learned exactly how NOT to live free of financial burden (thank God I became the opposite of my mother at least in that). It was a small town, I was the awkward and shy girl, and I wanted out!

College brought on many life altering decisions and a huge personality revamp. I became a new person with a new life and decided I was going to use my new found insight to make no money and save the world. Hence graduating with a degree in social work and sociology. I love people, they amuse and confound me and I always have a theory about why someone is the way they are (you’ll learn to hate and love this all at the same time).

Today, after many ups and downs I consider myself a successful 20-something, trying to convince myself I need a masters (and failing), and loving my life despite a constant stream of poorly thought out decisions. I work hard, play harder and more often than not at least make an attempt to learn from my mistakes. Crazy doesn’t begin to describe me but I never want to be “normal.” Someday I’ll figure it out, but for now the in-between is just fine with me.

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